About oils, which we use

We use for our tantra massages in principle the high-quality natural oils in the bio quality. According to the practice we chose oils, which treat and nourish skin, have a suitable viscosity and slipperiness and neutral flavor.


During the tantra massage we keep the oil at the body temperature. We prepare for every client a new dose of oil in disinfected bottle with dispenser.


These oils are concerned:


Sesame oil: It is manufactured by extraction from hulled, treated and ground seeds, it has a light yellow color and is neutral, as regards its flavor and taste. This oil is used in the care of dry and normal skin, further for prevention of stria formation, as a children's oil and for massage of scars. It has various use in ayurvedic medicine. In India the sesame oil represents the cosmetic oil and is considered to be a nerve tonic at the same time.


Olive oil: This oil is a strong natural antioxidant rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and A. This oil calms irritated skin and has softening and regenerating effects. It maintains soft and flexible skin.


Grape oil: The grape oil cold pressed from grape seeds contains a large number of bioactive substances. Influence of these substances in grape oil on the increased skin elasticity was clinically proved. The grape oil reduces the formation of varicose veins, edemas and pains of legs.


Within a half-year we will import ourselves the highest quality oils from the country with the tradition of oil production for thousands of years  – from Egypt. 


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