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tantra massage Sávitryí BratislavaTantric massage harmonizes all components of a human being – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  It is devoted to all parts of a human body including intimate parts.


During this tantric massage we work in the meditation, tuned in to the energy of Higher Me. We take care of aura, chakras, meridians, reflex points (also in intimate areas - very important points, to which other types of massage don’t devote) and marmas. We tune the left and right brain hemispheres, archetypes of Inner Man and Inner Woman. We use special tantric breath, both relaxing and stimulating one. We tantric relax a head, all body parts, muscles, joints, tendons and organs in the abdominal cavity.


We remove stress from the body and soul, relax the mind and bring new knowledge of sexuality possibilities.


We touch, embrace, stroke, care, pamper and arouse with greatest attention, loving kindness and tenderness.

We awake and raise gradually the sexual (kundalini) energy. We use an arousal through tantric techniques to energize the body and to increase even higher arousal at the same time. This brings beautiful orgasms of women and wonderful relaxation of men.


Here you are your tantra treatment  


What else can the tantric massage?

Conjures up a smile on your face

Takes out wrinkles

Lights up your sight

Squares up your back

Increases your joy of life

Opens the creativity (maybe you begin again write poetry, dance or play the guitar :-))

Brings new ideas

Increases the efficiency in work

Enhances the attractiveness for the opposite sex

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Tantra massages Sávitryí – little bit of mysticism into daily life 

Here you are more information about Tantra massage Sávitryí 

Tantra massages Savitri are based on principle that human body and consciousness alone are perfect tools to perform a massage.


tantra massage Bratislava

Trantric Shakti after her initiation goes through transformation caused by strengthening flow of Kundalini energies, so called rise of Kundalini. Rise of Kundalini affects all areas of her life and her being. She is becoming more connected with cosmos, with nature cycles and elements. This link is used in Tantra massages. Breath, touch, ways of Trantric Shakti becomes elements – Fire, water, wind and earth. And that according to needs of individual clients. Her body and palms can give heat, chill, blow, flow, glow, settle or pass. All these energies and feelings she gives with her touch to whom she is taking care of.

Mind of a Trantric Shakti becomes with meditation quiet and calm. Her consciousness is slowly being connected with oldest foundations that gave shape to reality, with void and nothingness.

Energy centers of Tantric Shakti (Chakras) are cleansed with time from physical, emotional and psychical burdens. Along with that are purified also inner organs till the cell level. Process leads to rejuvenation of whole organism, enhancing vitality, developing creativity and need to express own self and singularity of her being.

Simultaneously is enhanced awareness that “I” am part of eternal existence which exhibits in never-ending stream of creativity and changes.

And therefore through Trantric Shakti flows infinite amount of the purest life energy, originative energy, sexual energy thanks to which we are existing.

Care that tantric Shakti gives is healing, erotic, mythic, sexual, playful, caring and wild.

And it always becomes once-in-lifetime, unique experience.

Xenyie Suhayila Komers

Petra wrote about Tantra -Why I go for tantra?

I wanted finally to do something for myself. We live in the world where stress, nervosity and panic are everywhere. Most of people hurry somewhere, conform themselves to other people and neglect themselves at the same time. I said to myself that I don't care a groat. I wished to leave this flatness. Tantra put a light, understanding, energy and especially peace into my life. Since I go in for tantra, I don’t feel stress and rush. I know what my priorities are and I begin to understand myself. I don’t live as other people want but I live as I wish.

I bound to tantra for this and also to my teacher Olinka. Thanks ...

Jarda wrote about Tantra

I started to be interested in tantra after several years of considering whether to try this way or not. Finally, at the beginning of the year 2012, I decided and I experienced my first tantric massage provided by the Tantric Shakti Martina from the Tantric Temple Savitri in Brno.

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate what such massage can do with a human being and for the first time in my life I experienced my inner orgasm, which passed through my whole body for very long time. This experience opened my eyes to the truth and brought on so strong feeling in me that without long consideration I enrolled in the course, which Martina led.

During this course I was at first somewhat skeptical, what this will actually bring into my life but due to my gradual learning and experiencing massage and meditation techniques I started to find out, what power tantra can awake in a human being and in which direction it can develop us.

However, I am not going to unwind here on individual knowledge or experience, which everyone can enjoy and I recommend warmly everyone to experience personally to the full the tantric massage. Hence I will be very glad to help all those who wish experience something new, something stimulating, something refreshing not only for the body but also for the soul, through my professional performing of tantric massage and awakening of energies through me, my body and my touches.


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