About the Savitri Tantric Temple in Bratislava

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 imga1037.jpgTemple is tuned and harmonized by the ancient Chinese philosophy, Feng-Shui. It is decorated with original hand-painted silk, covers, drapes and mandalas, created for our premises.


You will receive the tantric massage on futons (Japanese cotton mattresses) with dimensions of 3 m x 3 m. We wish to afford you the freedom of empty space together with soft safety.


In our rooms for tantra massages you will find a quiet and kind atmosphere, the environment purity, mind freshening, beauty and tenderness flavored with cultivated conscious sexuality and sensuality.





Every chamber has a bathroom with toilet, bath towels, ecological shower gels, shampoos and hair dryer.

In Bratislava you can choose from two massage rooms – the Chamber of Golden Shine and the Chamber of White Flowers. 


In the Savitri Tantric Temple we take care of cleanliness using ecological or biodegradable means.

Savitri Tantric Temple the first time in Slovakia! 



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tantric massage Bratislavatantric massage Bratislavatantric massage Bratislavatantric massage Savitri





BRATISLAVA phone: +421 905 343 543

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