About training of Tantric masseuses and Tantric masseurs

training for tantra SávitryíEducation and tantric training is led in Bratislava by Suhayila personally. The education and training are completed by the examination passed at Suhayila and on the basis of this examination the certificate is issued. 


Thanks to this long-term care, real Tantric masseuses and Tantric masseurs, who bear and improve the quality of the Savitryi tantric massages, can grow up from tantric masseuses and masseurs.




Here you are offer of tantra massages


 The training in tantric massages in Bratislava lasts 4-6 months and includes teaching of the tantric massage – the Indian kundalini energizing massage, techniques supporting the personality development and the Osho and other meditations. Professional and specialized communication with clients is also a part of the education. Different detoxification programs are added to this process according to needs of an individual participant of the training. The comprehensive tantric care is concerned, during which there is a transformation process of a human being, development of its talent and released and increased flow of kundalini energy in the whole organism.


After the training in tantric massages completion it is possible to begin to massage in the Savitri Tantric Temple. During first three months a new Tantric masseus/a new Tantric masseur is under professional care and supervision of Suhayila.








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