What is tantra? The approach to life/system of understanding of life through yourself, which was formed 5 000 years ago in the territory of the present India. Human being was perceived as a part of the whole existence. Whatever happened in the world around it, was reflected in a human being and conversely. Life energy/kundalini energy of a human being, mostly becoming evident as the sexual energy, was cultivated by different techniques and transformed into love energy and then into energy of the highest consciousness of a human being. One of ways enabling the sexual energy cultivation was the massage.

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I want tantra message for emotional relaxation and destress. (Ravi - 21.5.2017)

Dear Ravi, it is very easy, just make an appointment. Regards, Xenyie

Hi I would like to book a female to male massager for prostate massage duration is 120 minutes : contact 9029303067 (shanil - 9.3.2017)

Hello Snaya, thank you for your interest abot our massages. Kindly make an appointment via e-mail. We called your telephone number without succes. Regards, Xenyie

Hello! I would like to book two massages. *I would like to book a 180 minute traditional tantra massage with Peter on the evening of Monday, the 28th of November. *I would also like to book a stimulant tantric massage with Xenyie during the day or early evening on Tuesday, the 29th of November. I have a female body, but I experience myself as both male and female. I am going to visit Europe from USA, Chicago and I found your services very interesting and professional. Could you give me directions to the location? I understand you prefer payment in cash. Is it customary to tip? If so, what is a typical tip? I am looking forward to see you soon. Thank you very much, April (April - 17.11.2016)

Dear April, thank you. Your tantra sessions are booked. Other informations I am sending via e-mail. Regards, Xenyie

Freya, es war eine sehr schöne Massage. Ich fühle mich zehn Jahre jünger Danke (Max - 25.10.2016)

Danke schön

Hello We are visiting Bratislava for this weekend and found youre webpage and it made us courious. Do you have time for us tomorrow? Its me and my husband. we would like 60 minutes tantara massage. Please get back to me if you have time and when. Best regards Katja (Katja - 15.10.2016)

Dear Katja, we are very busy this weekend by teaching of tantra massage in another city. Available to make for you massage on Sunday from 6pm. Is it possible for you? Kindly send your confirmation via Best regards, Xenyie

Liebe Xenyie, vielen Dank für die Einfühlsame und sanfte Massage. Es war ein vertrauensvoller Umgang und ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt. Ich habe auch heute noch ein anderes Aussehen und es ist faszinierend für mich. Liebe Grüße, Wolf, Vienna (Wolfgang - 8.10.2016)

Lieber Franz, danke schoen fuer Ihre liebvollen Woerte, es war auch fuer mich grosse Freude Ihr strahlendes Gesicht zu sehen. Mit freundlichen Gruesse, Xenyie

Hello Savitri Team! I'm interested in a Individual course of tantra massage. I have only basic knowledgement in tantra. How dies it work? Can I learn the massage with a model (receiver of massage) and a experienced instructor (both female)? With Kind regards Frank (Austria) (Frank - 3.10.2016)

Hallo Frank, sorry for my late answer, I have a cold and it stops me at my work. Yes, we have exactly such training, what you desribe. Teacher is me, Xenyie, and model is one of my colleguess. How is teaching? The program includes presentation, demonstration on helper practical exercises on helper with the support of lecturers, individual massage and final sharing. What will you learn? Preliminary Tantric ritual of honoring the body, touches the strong upon subtle dynamics of touch, massage the back and front of the body without oil and oil massage, intimacy, energy work with sexual energy, final tantric ritual.   Methodical manual is available.   Dates and prices: This training and the term is an individual, we are as close to your time schedule. Subscribe and reserve your dates. Prices are quoted in euros.   Duration 6 hours (can be divided into 2 x 3 hours, or 3 x 2 hours) Price 440 (teaching and helper) Kindly our next communication via e-mail: Regards, Xenyie

Hy, I would be in Bratislava tonight, appointment possible? Regards, Marc (Marc - 6.9.2016)

Hello Marc, Miss Freya is available from 7pm. Kindly confirm via Regards, Xenyie

Hello, can I make an appointment for tantra massage today late afternoon? I have been to your place long time ago (2012) and it was pretty nice experience. Now I am back in Bratislava Ali (ali - 2.9.2016)

Hello Ali, I am glad you are back. Trust see you today :). Miss Sandra is available from 5pm. Is it ok for you? Kindly send me your confirmation via e.mail: Regards Xenyie

What is the difference between the Relaxation massage and your traditional tantra massage? (Richard - 31.8.2016)

Hello Rich, basic is similar. During relax.massage is bigger attantion to head, neck and back. Regards, Xenyie

hi, I would like to take this massage today what is the earliest time? regards (Geronimo - 22.8.2016)

Hello Jeronimo, available is Xenyie from 15.30. Confirmation kindly to Regards, Xenyie

hi could you tell me who would be available Tuesday 23rd August, female please? (steve - 19.8.2016)

Hello, it will be Xenyie and Freya. Sandra will be available 25th August and Daniela next month. Would you like to book an appointment? Regards, Xenyie

I just came back from my Tantric Massage with Peter. I went in quite tense, and was hoping to relax a bit. Recently been through a divorce and find it difficult to relax around men. A friend suggested this as a way to let go of negative energy and allow my body to just feel and relax. And I came out more relaxed that i had thought possible...and surprised that i could let go like this! Peter has truly magic hands and was so intuitive about what felt good... I felt completely safe. And let go in a way that I had not anticipated. And i must say thank you for a truly special experience...Thank you! Jane (Jane - 24.4.2016)

Dear Jane, thank you sou much for your warm words. Suhayila

Hi I'm Gil from Oslo - Norway. Im planning to visit Bratislava this year, either Easter periode or early summer. I just saw your beautiful site for tantra massage. I will do my very best to make a visit. Q: Is it hard to find your place (in sentrum of town?)? How much is 90 min or 120 min tantra massage ? Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards Gil (Gil - 14.1.2016)

Dear Gil, thank you very much for your interest about our tantra massages. People from Norway have often visited our tantra temple :). A: It is about 10 min. from city center by taxi ( about 10 eur). We are situated in a quiet area of Bratislava with gardens and family houses 90 min. is 140 eur, 120 min, is 170 eur Warm regards and hope to see you on spring, Suhayila

hello, I'm from vienna and I'm will visit bratislava tomorrow. Is it possible to get a date (60min) for tomorrow. Is Martina available? Thanks and best (Ken - 10.1.2016)

Hello Nils, Martina is available tomorrow from 10 am. Kindly make your appointment via e-mail: Thank you and warm regards, Suhayila

Hello, We are two persons (male, French et German, hetero). We would like to enjoy your tantra massage. Is it still possible to book one for us today? Just to be clear and avoid a misunderstanding... We are NOT looking for any act of prostitution. Thanks in advance for your answer. Best regards (Sandro - 4.1.2016)

Hello Sandro, we are available (Suhayila and Martina) from 7,30 pm and later. And we are really tantra specialists. What time and how long massage would you prefer? For answer kindly use e-mail: Regards, Suhayila

Hi Suhayila, My name is Jon and I've recently arrived in Bratislava. I was recommended to try your massage and found it very interesting. Therefore, I would like to know if you have availability for thursday December 3th at 10 PM for a tantra massage for man. Please let me know. Also please confirm the address of the massage center. Thank you in advance. Regards, Jon (Jon - 26.11.2015)

Hi Don, your tantra session s booked for Dec.3th at 10 pm. My address is Priehradna 26, there i a corner with private str.Bazalkova. I will open an enter gate for you at 10 pm. My is 00421905343543. Regards, Suhayila

Hello I'm Pavish.I would like to take up massage big(3hrs) session from your place. So I have some queries regarding it:1) How many times can I ejaculate during this three hour long session? 2)What exactly is prostrate massage? Does it is included in this session? 3) How can I attain the peak pleasure during this session? (Pavish - 15.11.2015)

Hello Pavish, tantra is not about a quantity of ejaculation, it is about quality. Here you are link for information about prostate massage: It is not included, you can buy it (40 eur) and it will be included. By relaxing and experiencing and accepting tantra massage you will enjoy new pleasure. If you really want to do it, do it :), no questions and no answers will help you to understand. Regards, Suhahyila

Hello, i had great time with Evelyn, thank you very much. I hope i can come-back one day. Regards (Phillipe - 27.9.2015)

Hello Phillipe, thank you very much for your nice words:) Evelyn and Suhayila

Dears I called you by phone 2 times and had no answer I would like to reserve for 3 people (3 MEN) for tomorrow TUESDAY Sept 15 Tantric Massage 1:30 hours each Please confirm what time we can come as we are in Piestany and we will drive to Bratislava Waiting for your reply by return email, Said (Said - 14.9.2015)

Good morning, Said, I was busy by taking care about my customer, when you called. Your appointment is booked for tomorrow from 3pm. Kindly confirm by email, warm regards, Suhayila

Dear Suhayila, I was in your place for a massagge few months ago with Evelyn. It was a great experience. I am planning to visit Bratislava in few weeks again and I would like to scheduel a massagge with Evelyn again. I do not know the exact dates yet. In the meantime it would be great if you could send me few photos of Evelyn (to prepare myself for a great massage again) Best regards, Rade (Rade - 8.9.2015)

Dear Rade, thank you very much for your warm words. The only photos to dispposal for our customers are available on our websites. Kindly use your imagiation and have a dreams about your next massage with Evelyn. Have a nice days, Suhayila

dear savitri-team, i would like to visit you on10 sept in the afternoon or evening. can you offer me an appointment? greetings I am Pune India (Ravi jain - 6.9.2015)

Dear, miss Evelyn is available to take care about you on 10 sept. from 5 to 8 pm. What time for start of massage is the best for you? Just notice we are in Europe, Slovakia. Regards, Suhayila

do you have prostate massage? (arman - 22.8.2015)

Hello, yes, we do. Kindly open this link with all informations about our services: Warm regards, Suhayila

Hello I am a 23 year old guy coming to Bratislava between the 20th and 24th august. I am interested in 60 min Tantra massage. How much is that? We are staying at Hotel Sheraton, is that very far away from you? Thank you very much in advance Best regards Allan (Allan - 17.8.2015)

Hello, 60 min.tantra massage is 110 e. The distance from your hotel is about 15 taxi. Warm regards, Suhayila

For Evelyn: Dear, thank you for an amazing massage, I felt a lot of love from your heart and energy from your hands. By the way, face to face you look prettier than on the picture. See you, Leonard (Leonard - 15.7.2015)

Dear Leonard, thank you so much for your kind notice. Evelyn and Suhayila

Dear Suhayila, Many thanks for your deep implication, tenderness and mastery yesterday. With your help I have discovered new and wonderful things about myself and this is really priceless . Thank you so much a send you my warm regards, Mark (Mark - 13.7.2015)

Dear Mark, thenk you for your open heart and mind. Hope to see you soon, Suhayila

dear savitri-team, i would like to visit you on july 23. in the afternoon or evening. can you offer me an appointment? greetings, dennis (dennis - 13.7.2015)

Hi Dennis, your tantra session is booked on july 23 from 5 pm with Suhayila. Is it ok for you? Kindly confirm to e-mail Regards, Suhayila

Your tantra massage service is available in pune (swapnil - 1.7.2015)

Hello, my massage is available in Europe, Slovakia, Bratislava Regards, Suhayila

Dear Savitri, I will be in bratislava on 21th of June and would like to book 4 hands massage with Suhaylia and Anabell. Preferred time would be at 3.30 pm for 2 hrs. Can you please confirm the possibility and rates? Best regards John (John - 19.6.2015)

Dear John, your tantra session booked as you like. Sunday,3.30 pm with Anabell and Suhayila. Price is 340 eur. Kindly confirm. Warm regards, Suhayila

Hello. My name is Domenico. I would like to make reservation for massage with Anabell in Bratislava on friday June 5 at 3pm. I chose Relax Program 60 min. including prostate massage. Kindly confirm as soon as possible. Thank you. (Domenico - 2.6.2015)

Hello Domenico, your tantra session is booked, as you wish. Regards, Suhayila

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