What is tantra? The approach to life/system of understanding of life through yourself, which was formed 5 000 years ago in the territory of the present India. Human being was perceived as a part of the whole existence. Whatever happened in the world around it, was reflected in a human being and conversely. Life energy/kundalini energy of a human being, mostly becoming evident as the sexual energy, was cultivated by different techniques and transformed into love energy and then into energy of the highest consciousness of a human being. One of ways enabling the sexual energy cultivation was the massage.

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Yes that was me who called and I presumed that you were busy with a session and I figured an email is best :). Looking forward to tomorrow at 8:00 :) (wi - 27.2.2015)

:) See you tomorrow, Suhayila

Hello My name is William (Will) and visiting Bratislava from the USA. I would like to request a full Tantra massage for tomorrow morning (Saturday 28 Feb) at 8:00 or 8:30 which ever is more convenient. I am new to Tantra massage, this would be my first experience. I'm staying at the Ibis Hotel and can contacted via this email. Please let me know if you have availability at this time tomorrow. Warm regards, Will (will - 27.2.2015)

Hello Will, sorry for my late replay. I had tantra session. An appointment with you is booked for tomorrow 8.00 morning. I guess you called me today morning. Please confirm. Warm regards, Suhayila

'Since I have been studying Tantra for almost three years now, I wanted to further enhance my spiritual experience and test the tantric massage with a person of the same sex. Yin- Yin connection is usually softer than the Yin-Yang one, but more sensual. Unfortunately, most offers for Tantra massage on the Internet have strong erotic, and almost vulgar context and I was looking for more of a spirituals connection on a higher level. I did not know exactly what to expect from this type of a massage, but Suhayila's warm welcome, introductory ritual, and individual massage experience consisting of different Tantric practices and specific breaths led my body to an amazing climax. From the spiritual point of view, the sexual energy is the highest form of energy in the human body and when it is distributed throughout the body by using special breathing exercises, it has therapeutic and rejuvenating effects. I thank priestess Suhayila wholeheartedly for the amazing intimate experience (I can not wait to see you again!) and warmly recommend her services!' (Anna - 14.2.2015)

Dear Anna, thank you from my heart and send you my warm regards, Suhyila

Hi Suhayila . Tomorrow I plan to visit Bratislava and maybe we will meet :). Are you available for tomorrow? (will - 28.1.2015)

Hello Will, yes, I am. For tantra session, please contact me via +421 905 343 543 or Warm regards, Suhayila

Hello, i am planning to come in Bratislava and would like to visit you. My question is very simply, if I cum during the session, is that usually, and is it possible to not stop the session if that happened? If yes, is it normal to cum twice or more? Sorry if I am too open with the question :) (Ivan - 16.1.2015)

Hello, thanks for your question. During Tantra massage Savitryi is possible to ejaculate more then one time and to continue in tantric session. Warm regards, Suhayila

Hello, I would be interested in a tantra massage and prostate. it possible to the finish to complete it with a blow job? What does it cost? Greetings Josef (Josef - 9.1.2015)

Hello Josef, I recognized,you do not understand my services and you ask,what I do not offer.You are not prepared to accept my Master Tantra session. Warm regards, Suhayila

Hi, Can i be fully naked during the massage ( no draping ) ? Do you include in the massage the lower abdomen , gluts and inner thighs and lingam massage ? Thank you Regards (Evan - 7.1.2015)

Good morning, answer to all your questions is yes. Regards, Suhayila

Good Morning, the last massage was very good. I would love to come back. Can I come at 21.00 clock for a prostate massage (2 hours) today? I have a question. Is it possible to make the massage of my buttocks, buttocks column and rosette extensively than the last time? Best regards (Franz - 7.1.2015)

Hello Franz, I am happy, you are coming back. Ok I will give more attention and touches for your buttocks. See you today at 21.00 Warm regards, Suhayila

Hi, Your Tantra massage center sounds fantastic. We will be moving back to Bratislava soon and may frequent quite often as a couple to open up our sexual desires. When we visit as a couple do we both have a massuese to massage our erotic areas to an unforgettable orgasm? Look forward to your replay. Thank you. (Darren - 23.12.2014)

Hello, thank you for your interest about my Master tantra sessions. Please, for more details, contact me via email: Warm regards, Suhayila

Dear Mrs. Suhayila, i would like an appointment for a full tantric and prostate massage at December 15,11am regards (wolfgang - 12.12.2014)

Good afternoon, your massage is booked. Please confirm it to my e-mail: Regards, Suhayila

Hello Sir/Madam, Hope you are doing good. My self Ankit Parmar. First I would like to say congratulate for you great job. My concern to write this email to you to learning TANTRIC massages. Can you please assist me how do I learn TANTRIC massages. Thanks in advanced. Regards, Ankit (Ankit Parmar - 2.11.2014)

Hello Ankit, I think the best way, how to learn tantric massage is to find good quality tantric school in area where you live. Or you should visit Bratislava and to be my student or you could invite me to your place and to accept lessons there. Warm regards, Suhayila

Hi Suhayila, Arrived here last night and staying at the Hotel Gallery Central. From Australia. Have had one tantric lesson and massage. Would be interested in continuing my tantric journey to the next level. Here for eight weeks and may consider several visits while here. Are you far from the Hotel Gallery Central? Regards George (George - 31.10.2014)

Good morning George, thanks for your interest about my services. The distance from your to my place is about 10 car. What time do you prefer four our tantric session? I think it could be good, first to make massage for you, then to talk and we will see, how to continue. Please for our next conversation use my e-mail tantra Regards, Suhayila

Suhayila, i visited your temple in September for my first experience in Tantric massage and it was an unforgettable experience. You were so beautiful, caring and gave me one of the most intense pleasures of my life. I hope to visit you again in the future. (Paul - 26.10.2014)

Dear, thank you so much for your kind words. Warm regards, Suhayila

Dear madam, I would like to know if there are any of your branches here in Pune INDIA? (Ningan - 6.10.2014)

Hello, my branch just in Europe, Slovakia, Warm Regards, Xenyie Suhayila

Hi there, Is it possible for you to visit me at The Sheraton this Wednesday at 4.00 for 90 minutes? Please advise. Thanks. Will (Will Bradford - 14.9.2014)

Hello Will, I have got special place for my tantric sessions wirh clear and clean life energy full of high vibrations. I designed it with my full attention and love for customers, who really want the best tantric ritual. Well, I am prepared to welcome you this Wednesday at 4pm at Savitri. Distance from your place is about 10min. by car. Warm regards, Suhayila

Suhayila, I felt myself like in heaven during your tantra massage. Thanks, Ted (Ted - 1.9.2014)

Ted, thank you and see you soon :) Suhayila

Dear Suhayila, your tantra massage yesterday was amazing. The first time I was on tantric massage and I did not expect such a great experience. So much tenderness, touch, attention and sexual energy you gave me. Thank you (Mark - 23.8.2014)

Dear Mark, it was big pleasure for me to have so nice customer, as you are. Thank you, Suhayila

Please contact me and my wife. I try to call you but the tel line is not working. We would like to have tantra massage togrther today, I like to have the blond lade and my wife like to have the man. We want to be together close to each other. Call me on +35679906582 Lennart and Aida (Lennart Andersson - 18.8.2014)

Hello Lannart and Aida, thank you very much for your interest about my services. I am travelling, learnig and teaching tantra in foreign countries during my vacation. Warm regards, Suhayila

Interested in men's basic with prostate. Do you take credit cards? My ship arrives this morning (friday) and I only have till 11:30. I hope we can make this work. Thank you, Day (Day Blackney - 8.8.2014)

Good morning, you can come at 10 am. We dont accept credit cards. Please confirm by e-mail on Or to 00421905343543. Thanks, Suhayila

Hi, i discover your very nice website and I am impressed and curious about tantric massage. I have perhaps a stupid question, but what about happy ending ? You do it or not? (Gilles - 7.8.2014)

Good morning, yes it is possible by hands. Regards, Suhayila

Good Evening, I hope you understand English, I am currently on business in Bratislava and have just come across your website! Tantric Massage Sounds absolutely fascinating, have never heard of it before. I travel all over the world on business and i am always open to new experiences and culture. Unfortunately i have to leave tomorrow afternoon, but i am free during the morning, i wonder if you arrange an appointment early in the morning the 31.7.2014? Look forward to hearing from you. (Robert - 31.7.2014)

Hi Robert, would you like to enjoy tantra massage 8.30 or 9 am? Or to arrange an appointment later? I am waiting for your replay to my phone +421 905 343 543. Regards, Suhayila, Tantra Savitri

Can I make any special requests? For example, I really enjoy soft massage on my belly/stomach area, and would like you to massage there more if possible? (Jerry - 20.7.2014)

Hello, thank you for your request. Every Tantra massage Savitri contents soft and special massage of belly/stomach area.If you prefer it, we can have more and longer attention on this area of your body. Warm regards, Suhayila

Hi dear Suhayila, I'd like to thank you and of course Lea, for the relaxing experience you gave me. You have been very professional and I felt very well though it was the first time. I hope to be able to arrange another session soon. Any suggestion from you for better living this kind of experience, I will accept gratefully! Kind regards. (Joseph - 20.5.2014)

Dear Joseph, thank you very much! My suggestion is possible to live in every minute of life: feel Mother Earth under your feet feel touches of Sun on your face feel smell of rain on your skin respect and accept voice of your heart and emotions Suhayila

do you provide hotel service? (Hassan - 4.5.2014)

Hello, we don´t offer outcall services at hotels. Regards, Suhayila

Helloo, I have learned Reiki 1-2-3A & Siddha sadhana at Siddha science. How tantra can help me spritually.Can i experience it in my city pune(maharashtra state) (India) if yes than wat wil b d cost for d session. Thank you. (kuldeep - 15.2.2014)

Hello Kuldeep, tantra brings to our lives knowledges about basic energy thanks which, we are here, about sexual (kundalini) energy. Tantra can help to every human being in all parts of live. Im sure, if you search, from your heart, your teacher, you will find. My warm regards from Europe, Slovakia, city Bratislava, Suhayila

Hello! we're considering the tantric massage for couples. It really seems fantastic! we are wondering: Does the couple massage have the same services as the full tantric massage for men/women? xox V&B (Vanessa & Ben - 20.11.2013)

Hello, it seems fantastic and enjoying of tantra massage is wonderfull experience. Yes, massage for couples has the same services like 2hours massage. Regards, Suhayila

Do you provide out call massage ,in a hotel for example ? I will be in Warsaw 25-27/11/2013 (Ali Dernawi - 17.11.2013)

Hello,we don't offer outcall service and we are in Bratislava,Slovakia. Regards, Suhayila

Hi I'm wondering if you do outcall service to Vienna. I am Arriving tomorrow and would like a masseuse to visit me at my hotel. Thanks (Khalid - 12.11.2013)

Hi,we don't offer outcall services. The best place for our traditional tantric masssge is our Zantric Tample Savitri designed for our services. Regards, Suhayila

Hallo Suhayla, Thanks for the wonderful time with you was certainly not the last time . Charles (Charles - 6.9.2013)

Dear Charles, thank you very much :), Suhayla

Dear mam I am sorry to get back to you but please clarify me considering me to be a student of tantra. i might have asked probably an irrelavant or stupid question but i hope i am guided through to clarify my concerns and may be excitements. I want to part of tantric culture and rituals which i have not yet practised and am a sure virgin in this. I can however imagine the powers of tantra and need your assistance to know few things about this. i hope i ll be answered. thanks. just in case you need to know what i asked last, i reproduce my email sent earlier 'I just have a question about tantric massage rituals. What exactly is the acceptable norm during the 12th part of the tantric massage (tantric sit) if both partners are already charged with life force and energy (shakti) while they are nude. is it ok if yoni and lingham meet at this tantric sit. what if they merge and be one in the process. i know and understand it is not intended but what is generally the course followed at this stage of the massage.' regards (necter - 24.7.2013)

Dear, your talk is talk of the mind. Too much words, nothing more. Where is voice of your heart? Follow your heart and stop to thinking. Relax :-) With honour, Suhayla

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