What is tantra? The approach to life/system of understanding of life through yourself, which was formed 5 000 years ago in the territory of the present India. Human being was perceived as a part of the whole existence. Whatever happened in the world around it, was reflected in a human being and conversely. Life energy/kundalini energy of a human being, mostly becoming evident as the sexual energy, was cultivated by different techniques and transformed into love energy and then into energy of the highest consciousness of a human being. One of ways enabling the sexual energy cultivation was the massage.

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I just have a question about tantric massage rituals. What exactly is the acceptable norm during the 12th part of the tantric massage (tantric sit) if both partners are already charged with life force and energy (shakti) while they are nude. is it ok if yoni and lingham meet at this tantric sit. what if they merge and be one in the process. i know and understand it is not intended but what is generally the course followed at this stage of the massage. (necter - 23.7.2013)

Dear, because you asked this question, you are not prepared to know the answer. Your Tantric Shakti, Suhayla

I tried to call you but cannot get through do you have any appointments for today? (jai gohill - 25.5.2013)

Hi, sorry, Im very busy in these days. Any appoinments I´ve for sunday and monday. Best regards, Suhayla

Dear Suhayla, you do great job and you have beautiful center. I am looking forward to our next session together. Regards, Freddy (freddy - 6.5.2013)

Dear Freddy, thank you, Suhayla

Dear Suhayla, I had very nice session with you last week. It was really excite and I will come back. Charles (ja - 6.5.2013)

Dear Charles, thank you. Suhayla

hi, first of all, thanks for your service. i have below question. Can i touch the female massager on boobs? because i will be so much excited during tantra massage and will not be able to control my feelings. (Arjun - 11.4.2013)

Hello, I understand you, but we have strict rules and my answer is no. Have a nice days, Suhayla

Hi, I am in Bratislava for just one more day. Was wondering if there are any available spots tomorrow (10 Feb 2013) morning for a full tantric massage. Thank you Ted (Ted - 9.2.2013)

Hi dear Ted, so sorry I read your question late. Savitri

Hi Savitri, Thanks again for the massage. I loved feeling your hands on my naked body :) Peter (Peter - 30.12.2012)

Peter, thank you, Savitri

Hi, I'm going to Bratislava 12 January 2013. Is the salon massage in the city centre?is better for me,thanks,bye. (Frank - 26.12.2012)

Hi, our Tantric temple Savitri is in a quiet part of the city. The distance from the centre is 10-15 min. by taxi. Have a nice time, Savitri

i stay in india ,pune city(maharashtra) can you please let me know where can i get tantra massage here in pune city or can you please send me any contact number for the same. my age is 33yrs (YUVRAJ - 26.12.2012)

Good evening, I´m from Europe, I don´t know tantric saloons in the India. Have a nice time, Savitri

Hello, I am a man, and I would like to know somethings about the guirl wo is doing the massage : Does she speack english ? Is she totally nude or does she have somethings on her like on the picture. I will come next week in Bratislave, and I would like to try a nude massage. Is it possible to come 1 day before and choose the massage women. Also Do you have a possibility to have a massage for 30-40 minutes instead of 1h30 ? Because I would like to come 2 or 3 times. I think durng the week end I will have 2 hours, but for the week, I would like to try a first off (approximatly 30-40 minutes) Thanks for all your informations. (yann - 11.10.2012)

Hello, we don´t offer such services you ask. Have a nice days, Suhayla Olga Savitri

Olga, it was fantastic, great. Dave (dave - 11.9.2012)

Thank you :-)

Hello, first thank you for this nice web-site, i read and looked all sections with attention. I have a problem of ejaculation control 'premature ejeculation'. Tantra massage helps to solve this problem? and do you have any special therapy for this? I really would like to visit you, if tantra massage helps to control ejaculation. Thanks in advance (samo - 8.9.2012)

Hello, thank you. Tantric massage can help you. Deep process of body, mind, soul and breathing relaxation removes tension from the penis. Tantric breathing expands sexual energy through the body. And than comes the pleasant of a long soak. The best way to know is to try this. Have a nice days, Suhayla Olga Savitri

Hello, I am planning to visit your palce and fix an appointment . I want to have massage with nice masseuse.. how can i look and book? (Rohan - 26.7.2012)

Hello, photos of our Tantric Shaktis you can find on our websites and to make reservation by sending e-mail ( text or call +421905343543. Have a nice days, Olga Savitri

Dear Olga, I had very good massage this afternoon. Petra was very nice and friendly. The room, music and atmosphere very good. I will come back! Greetings, Peter (Peter - 23.5.2012)

Dear Peter, thank you very much, Olga Savitri

Hello, please, how much does it cost a tantric massage with you. How long time does it take a massage. Thanks. (Alex - 3.5.2012)

Hello, all informations you find here: Have nice days, Olga Savitri

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