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Most often answered questions of clients on the course of tantric massages


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How to book our services?

The dates of massages, please book via the e-mail or by mobile phone (see contact). When you make an order, please, tell us your name, type of the massage, the day and the preferred hour.


Is it possible to take a shower before and after the tantra massage?

Yes, the shower, shower gels, shampoo, bath towel, towel and hair dryer are available for you.


Are the masseuses naked during the tantra massage?

Yes, nude masseuses take care of you.


Have the masseuses treated pubic hair?

This depends on every masseuse, it will be a surprise for you. 


Can I touch the masseuse?

Breast, intimate body parts and bottom aren’t available for clients. You can touch her arms and legs. Masseuses take care of you with great attention, trust and tenderness, please don’t violate these rules. 

Is it possible to have sex with masseuse?

No, it is impossible. No oral sex, no vaginal sex available. Please, respect this strict rule. If you need sex, is better for you to visit another place.


Can I ejaculate during the massage?

Yes, our tantra massage can be ended by ejaculation from the hands of the masseuse.

If I will ejaculate during the massage, is it possible to continue the massage?

Yes, we respect the client’s needs, it depends on his wish if he wants to continue or to finish the massage.

By which parts of her body the masseuse makes the massage?

Masseuses will touch and embrace you by their palms, arms, legs, breast and bottom. The higher mutual trust and feeling of safety will arise between you and the masseuse (which means that you will respect forbidden touches on breast, intimate body parts and bottom of the masseuse), the more beautiful experience and deeper relaxation, which you will enjoy.


How long in advance and in which way is it necessary to order the tantra massage?

You can order the tantra massage by telephone or e-mail. If you know the date and time, which you wish to reserve, we recommend to order one or two days in advance. Please order the massage for couples two or three days in advance, the four hand massage one or two days in advance so that two masseuses would be available at the same time. In other cases, it is enough to order a half an hour to one hour before the massage. 


Can I choose a masseuse?

Yes, in that case we recommend that you order the massage one day in advance.


Is necessary any special preparation before the prostate massage?

It isn’t necessary because we perform the tantra massage in latex gloves, using the high quality bio vegetable oil. You take a shower before the tantric massage.


May I pay by a card?


Kindly pay by cash. Thanks




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