Traditional tantra massages Sávitryí Bratislava, near Wien

Our successful and popular traditional tantra massage Sávitryí. These massages bringing you a pleasant time since 2009


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Small 60min       110 eur   
Basic 90min       140 eur
Full 120min     170 eur
Medium 150min     230 eur
Large 180min     260 eur



All these massages contain

  • shower, tea and introduction - this part isn’t included in the massage time
  • tantric ritual greeting and tuning in to life, sexual energy
  • preparation relaxation part of the massage devoted to full body, tuning of the organism
  • massage of intimate body parts: groins, testicles, penis root and penis tip
  • awakening of sexual energy in whole body
  • ejaculation by hands of masseus
  • final relaxation and ritual


tantra for men Bratislava

To all massage is possible to buy:

prostate massage              40 eur

second masseus care         double price


The length of massage:

The longer the massage, the more time stroking, pampering, relaxation and excitement to enjoy



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BRATISLAVA phone: +421 905 343 543

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